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How Do You Pronounce Samhain?

Learn the authentic Irish pronunciation for “Samhain”, the ancient Celtic feast that inspired Halloween. Hint: it’s not “Sam-hane”.

A modern Lughnasadh corn dolly representing the god Lugh

How to Celebrate Lughnasa Like an Ancient Celt

Uncover the origins of Lughnasa (a.k.a. Lughnasadh), a summer harvest festival during which “first fruits” are gathered, mountains are climbed, and races are run, all in honor of the Celtic sun-god Lugh and his foster-mother, Tailtiu.

ruids Inciting the Britons to Oppose the Landing of the Romans - from Cassell's History of England, Vol. I - anonymous author and artists, 16 March 2015

The 10 Best Books About Druids

Want to learn about the history of the druids? This is a top 10 list of the best non-fiction books about druids, the intellectual elites of the ancient Celtic world


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Originally from Boston, I moved to Montréal at 18 and lived in an Irish pub, leaving occasionally to earn a degree in Humanistic Studies / World Religions from McGill.


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