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5 Imbolc Rituals for Welcoming Spring [Video]

Here’s how to celebrate Imbolc like an ancient Celt according to Gaelic history, mythology, and folklore. While many modern pagans celebrate their own iterations of Imbolc, this video is an attempt at getting back to the festival’s roots.

The 10 Most Powerful Druids From Irish Mythology

Who are some famous druids? In historical accounts, ancient Celtic druids are rarely named—merely alluded to. In Irish mythology, druids are important characters with names and motivations (be them benevolent or nefarious).

The Definition and Etymology of Banshee [Video]

You are likely already familiar with Ireland’s most infamous shrieking spirit. But what exactly is a banshee? Is it a ghost? A spirit? A wraith? A demon? A fairy? In a word, yes. The banshee is all of those things, and so much more.

Introducing the Irish Myths YouTube Channel

Same Celtic flavor, new bold format. You can now get your favorite in-depth explorations of Irish and Celtic mythology and folklore served up as video essays over at

Why Do People Kiss Beneath Mistletoe?

Mistletoe has long been lauded as a “medico-magical” plant associated with fertility and divination. Learn how these Celtic connotations paved the way for solstice smooching.


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