Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy

So here’s the deal…

A couple years back, I compiled and edited an anthology of short stories, combining my twin passions of speculative fiction and Celtic mythology. Sixteen incredible writers—and one doofus writing under a pseudonym—contributed stories. The result was the book you see below.

If you’re a fan of this website and/or a fan of Irish and Celtic mythology in general, I suspect you’ll find, at worst, some entertaining yarns between these pages, and at best, you’ll find enlightenment. And perhaps pure, unadulterated, revelatory joy. Ecstasy even. Your life may change for the better. Or… not. But hey, you’ll only be down a few bucks either way.



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Grab Your Copy of NEON DRUID

A collection of 17 short stories, NEON DRUID mixes urban fantasy and Celtic mythology, creating a universe where lecherous leprechauns and debaucherous druids inhabit the local pubs, and where shapeshifting water spirits from Scotland and sword-wielding warriors from Ireland lurk in the alleyways. The stories inside this anthology are independent narratives set within the urban centers and environs of this shared Celtic Otherworld. Learn more…

Try Before You Buy: Check Out a Free Sample of NEON DRUID

Wait, You Still Haven’t Bought a Copy Yet?

Then check out this review of NEON DRUID from Pyles of Books. Here’s an excerpt:

“…what a thrilling romp through pubs, mythology, and alleyways. NEON DRUID is such a fun, pulpy anthology of stories that embody Celtic fantasy and myth. Each story presents a strong grasp of voice, tone, and feel that I appreciate in a themed urban fantasy anthology.”


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