The 50 Best Books About Druidism and Druidic Practices

Druids celebratiog rituals at Stonehenge 22 June 2007

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Call it Druidism. Call it Neo-Druidism. Call it Druidry. Call it Neo-Druidry. Call it Celtic shamanism, or Celtic paganism, or Celtic neo-paganism, or Celtic polytheism.

Call it whatever you darn well please.

The subject of this comprehensive (dare I say exhaustive) list is the modern phenomenon of modern druidism—a spiritual (dare I say religious) movement spearheaded by the Welsh antiquarian Iolo Morganwg in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

Granted, there were other blokes, including English antiquarian William Stukeley (1687–1765), who went around anointing themselves “druids” before Iolo Morganwg came along. But Morganwg (born Edward Williams) is generally credited with rebooting Druidism as an actual religion.

The reboot, however, is not always faithful to the original.

As I wrote in my post about the best nonfiction books about druids, history has provided us with precisely one historical account of what an ancient (dare I say authentic) druidic ceremony looks like, courtesy of Pliny the Elder. The ceremony, performed at Midwinter, involved cutting mistletoe off an oak tree with a golden sickle.

The “druidic” ceremonies Iolo Morganwg invented, upon which modern druidic ceremonies and rituals are based, were precisely that: inventions. The ancient Celtic druids of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and elsewhere didn’t leave behind instruction manuals. (And if you’ve read the article linked above, you know why they didn’t.)

All that being said, I’m not here to harsh anyone’s buzz or to yuck anyone’s yum—as the kids say. While I personally am not interested in practicing modern druidism, my understanding of the practice is that it promotes peace and creativity and respecting one’s natural environment. It doesn’t pretend to know exactly how the ancient druids performed their sacred rituals back in the day, but it’s a best, educated attempt at faithfully recreating said rituals.

And because of those aforementioned factors, I’ve long been interested in the topic.

Hence, I compiled this list of the best books about modern druidism and modern druidic ceremonies.

Disclaimer: Many of these books also include druidic spells and incantations and potions and such. Please, let it be known that I do not vouch for the effectiveness of said Celtic magic. (Nor shall I be held liable if you accidentally turn a loved one into a newt or something.)

The Top 50 Books About Druidry and Druidic Rituals

1) The Path of Druidry: Walking the Ancient Green Way

by Penny Billington

Per the publisher: “Practicing Druid Penny Billington offers a clear and structured course of study grounded in Celtic history and mythology, and highlights the mysteries and modern practice of this nature-based tradition. Each chapter begins with an evocative visualization and captivating Welsh mythic tales from the Mabinogion are woven throughout, introducing lessons and key concepts. A series of hands-on exercises will help you internalize these truths, develop a spiritual awareness rooted in nature, build a relationship with the multi-dimensional world, and ultimately adopt a druidic worldview to guide you in everyday life.” Learn more…

2) By Oak, Ash, & Thorn: Modern Celtic Shamanism (Llewellyn’s Celtic Wisdom)

by D. J. Conway 

Per the publisher: “The thing that makes this book unique is that it comes from the viewpoint of Celtic shamanism, and not some generalized form. As a result, the worlds are specifically Celtic in nature. The tools come from Celtic myth and lore. The fifty entities you meet are named and defined as the Faery Folk and their kin―from the Bean sidhe (banshee) to the Will o’ the Wisp (a faery who appears at night in lonely places carrying a lantern to confuse travellers). Almost fifty more animal allies are listed and described. You will also learn the mysteries of the vision quest and how it applies and can be used by Celtic shamans.” Learn more…

3) Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Druidism

by Isaac Bonewits

Per the publisher: “Complete with spells for love, prosperity and health, a wide-ranging bibliography and an indispensable list of Internet resources, this book is an engrossing introduction to a people and a spirituality that retain both relevance and fascination today.” Learn more…

4) Merlyn’s Complete Book of Druidism: A Master Course in Druidry for Modern Druids

by Joshua Free

Per the publisher: “Collected writings and research spanning a quarter of a century are culminated together to present the most complete guide, reference and course curriculum of druidry–ancient and modern–a spiritual, mystical and magical legacy of legendary renown that speaks relevantly to present times and will carry human evolution into the future. Classic materials originally composing over 7 books in total are expertly arranged for Truth Seekers in one amazing volume!” Learn more…

5) Modern Druidism: An Introduction

by Yowann Byghan

Per the publisher: “This introduction to modern Druidism provides a comprehensive overview of today’s Pagan religion and philosophy, whose roots are in the Celtic tribal societies of ancient Britain and Ireland. The author covers Druidism’s mythology, history and important figures and its beliefs and moral system, and describes practices, rituals and ceremonies. A gazetteer of important sacred sites is included, along with information about modern Druid groups and organizations.” Learn more…

6) Exploring Celtic Druidism: Ancient Magick and Rituals for Personal Empowerment

by Sirona Knight

Per the publisher: “You’ll learn what Druidism is and how to practice it to achieve a more positive and enriching life. Included are instructions for gathering your ritual tools, choosing a craft name, and more.” Learn more…

7) The Celtic Golden Dawn: An Original & Complete Curriculum of Druidical Study

by John Michael Greer

Per the publisher: “A century ago, Celtic groups descending from the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn pioneered a fascinating form of ceremonial magic invoking Pagan Celtic powers instead of relying on the more commonly used Judeo-Christian names and symbols. Those groups disappeared many decades ago, and their teachings were lost. But today, their legacy has been reborn. Respected occult author and Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer has re-created a complete magical system based on the Celtic Golden Dawn traditions. This new book provides students with a complete curriculum of Druidical magic and occult wisdom, including training in ceremonial magic, meditation, pathworking, divination, geomancy, and herbal alchemy.” Learn more…

8) Barddas: A Collection of Original Documents, Illustrative of the Theology Wisdom, and Usages of the Bardo-Druidic Systems of the Isle of Britain

by J. Williams Ab Ithel

Per the publisher: “Serious students of Druidism and Paganism, as well as Celtic historians, are sure to include Barddas in their libraries. Barddas contains the only extant description of BardoDruidic Celtic philosophy. It is a metaphysical and spiritual description of beliefs handed down by word of mouth by Druidic initiates from before the Roman occupation of the British isles. Culled from 16th-century notes and compiled into book form, Barddas reveals a belief system with a wide range of influences, including JudeoChristian and ancient Roman. Yet there are beliefs and views expressed within that appear to be unique to Celtic thought and oddly similar to Eastern traditions.” Learn more…

9) The Solitary Druid: Walking the Path of Wisdom and Spirit

by Rev. Robert (Skip) Ellison

Per the publisher: “Ellison lays out the basics of Celtic Paganism in a scholarly yet accessible way. He supports each of his assertions about Druidic beliefs and practices with citations from ancient sources and from archeology, and lays it all out in an outline that allows students to get started immediately with a Druidic spirituality. Far from being duotheistic, the book gives advice for constructing your Druidic pantheon of worship based on the realities of the local land, and the spirits proper to each individual worshipper. From there, he presents a full system of Druidic ritual, as used in Ár nDraíocht Féin—about as far from a Wiccan form as one could get.” Learn more…

10) Healing Plants of the Celtic Druids: Ancient Celts in Britain and their Druid Healers Used Plant Medicine to Treat the Mind, Body and Soul

by Angela Paine

Per the publisher: “Following on from Healing Power of Celtic Plants, Angela Paine’s latest book covers a new range of Celtic medicinal plants which are native to Britain, as well as a few plants, such as Sage and Rosemary, which were introduced by the Romans. Combining the latest scientific data on the healing properties of the herbs used by the ancient Celts with recent archaeological discoveries, written in a jargon-free, easy to understand narrative style and offering a botanical description of each plant, an outline of their chemical constituents, and advice on ways to grow, harvest, preserve and use each plant, Healing Plants of the Celtic Druids is an essential guide.” Learn more…

11) Druidry: The Ultimate Guide to the Way of the Druids and What You Should Know About Herbs, Ogham, Rituals, Divination, Druid Tarot Reading, and Runes

by Mari Silva

Per the publisher: “Have you ever awakened, and you’re already tired just from thinking about your daily routine? Are you ready to learn how to improve your life? Do you want to make your time here have more meaning? If you answered yes to even one of these, then you have found the right book! Modern Druidry is not about dancing around Stonehenge in flowing white robes, chanting strange rituals. It’s about respecting nature and living life free of stress, strain, and worry. If this sounds like what you have been searching for, you have come to the right place.” Learn more…

12) Celtic Myth and Religion: A Study of Traditional Belief, with Newly Translated Prayers, Poems and Songs

by Sharon Paice MacLeod

Per the publisher: “This book provides a comprehensive overview of Celtic mythology and religion, encompassing numerous aspects of ritual and belief. Topics include the presence of the Celtic Otherworld and its inhabitants, cosmology and sacred cycles, wisdom texts, mythological symbolism, folklore and legends, and an appreciation of the natural world. Evidence is drawn from the archaeology of sacred sites, ethnographic accounts of the ancient Celts and their beliefs, medieval manuscripts, poetic and visionary literature, and early modern accounts of folk healers and seers. New translations of poems, prayers, inscriptions and songs from the early period (Gaulish, Old Irish and Middle Welsh) as well as the folklore tradition (Modern Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish, Breton and Manx) complement the text.” Learn more…

13) The Hedge Druid’s Craft: An Introduction to Walking Between the Worlds of Wicca, Witchcraft and Druidry

by Joanna van der Hoeven

Per the publisher: “The Hedge Druid’s Craft blends the traditions of Wicca, Witchcraft and Druidry into a spiritual path that uses the techniques of “hedge riding” to travel between the worlds, bringing back wisdom and enchantment into our everyday lives. It is about working with boundaries, with a foot in either world, living around the edges and working with liminal times and places. For those whose paths meander and often overlap, and those who would not be constrained nor confined by labels, yet who seek some definition, this book is for you. If you are interested in Witchcraft, Wicca or Druidry, this book will sing to your soul.” Learn more…

14) Ancient Fire: An Introduction to Gaulish Celtic Polytheism

by Segomâros Widugeni

Per the publisher: “Ancient Fires is a seminal text by one of the foremost figures in Gaulish Polytheism today. The book is one of the most complete attempts to explore Gaulish devotion practices and extends effectively our current understanding of the spiritual underpinnings of the Gaulish polytheistic revival movement. The book explores not only the hearth culture prevalent in Gaul but also introduces the reader to Gaulish deities and modern devotional practice. Segomâros Widugeni is one of the best known figures in Gaulish Polytheism, having been practicing for almost two decades, and in other related communities for more than 30 years.” Learn more…

15) The Druidic Art of Divination: Understanding the Past and Seeing into the Future

by Jon G. Hughes

Per the publisher: “A complete guide to the techniques of the pre-Celtic Druids for understanding the past, present, and future. Offers step-by-step instructions for a wealth of practices passed down across five generations of Welsh Druids. Explains the three forms of divination used by the Druids: interpretive divination, such as reading the Sevens; inductive divination, such as reading the wind or smoke; and intuitive divination, whose tools include cup-stones and scrying mirrors. Provides comprehensive instructions on how to craft and utilize your own magical instruments and tools, including botanical compounds, scrying wands, and slate speculum vitae.” Learn more…

16) The Druid Revival Reader

by John Michael Greer

Per the publisher: “In the midst of the eighteenth-century Enlightenment, a handful of British intellectuals turned their backs on the social and cultural trends of their time and set out to reinvent the spirituality of the ancient Druids. The movement that rose out of this effort played a central role in struggles for cultural identity in most of the Celtic nations of Europe, provided inspiration to such world-class creative talents as William Blake and Frank Lloyd Wright, and inspired an innovative tradition of Western nature spirituality that remains active to this day. The Druid Revival Reader provides the first collection of original writings from that movement.” Learn more…

17) Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions

by James Bonwick

Per the publisher: “Written in 1894, this book discusses what was known about Druids and Irish Paganism at the end of the nineteenth century. It covers many of the concepts which later would be utilized by the Wiccan movement to construct Celtic Neo-Paganism.” Learn more…

18) The Healing Power of Trees: Spiritual Journeys Through the Celtic Tree Calendar

by Sharlyn Hidalgo

Per the publisher: “From the birch to the willow, Sharlyn Hidalgo invites you to walk in the footsteps of the druids and enrich your life with the sacred power of trees. This wise and inspiring book will introduce you to all fifteen revered trees of the Celtic Tree Calendar and their unique gifts of healing, guidance, and higher consciousness. Progress through the calendar in sequence or choose a particular month to cultivate a relationship with these majestic spirits of nature. Perform guided meditations and go on journeys to discover the totems, guides, and deities corresponding to each species. Travel through the Wheel of the Year and learn about each tree’s astrology, ruling planets, rune symbol, and ogham―its letter of the Celtic tree alphabet.” Learn more…

19) The Bardic Book of Becoming: An Introduction to Modern Druidry

by Ivan McBeth

Per the publisher: “The Bardic Book of Becoming is a warm, user-friendly, eclectic introduction to modern Druidry that invites you to take the first steps into the realms of magic and mystery. In this book you will be introduced to the various techniques and practices of a Druid in training. Written by Ivan McBeth, the cofounder of Vermont’s Green Mountain School of Druidry, the book incorporates lessons, visualizations, rituals, and magical stories. Many different activities and exercises are included that provide the reader with hands-on learning. Ivan also provides personal stories that demonstrate his own journey from spiritual seeker to Druid.” Learn more…

20) The Druid’s Book of Ceremonies, Prayers and Songs

by the Ancient Order of Druids in America (AODA)

Per the publisher: “The Druid’s Book of Ceremonies, Songs, and Prayers represents a collection of 35 distinct ceremonies, prayers, chants, blessings, recognitions, and meditations created by members of the modern druid community. These materials may be used by individuals, groups, and groves to enhance their practice and connect with the living earth. The book is pan-druid in nature, thus, these materials that may be of use by anyone following a druid or nature-based spiritual path. The collection includes songs and chants with musical notation, that represent joy and connection. It also offers a wide range of poems and prayers for everything from connecting to the seasons to honoring nature. Poetry and prayer may be used on their own or worked into other aspects of ritual or daily practice.” Learn more…

21) The Druid Path: A Modern Tradition of Nature Spirituality

by John Michael Greer

Per the publisher: “Although we know little about the ancient Druids, their reputation for wisdom and harmony with nature lives on. Today, Druidry is a vibrant, diverse movement with groups and practitioners on every continent but Antarctica. Spiritual rather than religious—more an attitude than an ideology—it can be embraced by people from different faiths and backgrounds. Archdruid John Michael Greer explores the history and basics of Druidry; how to perform Druidic rituals, meditation, and divination; elements of the lifestyle; and advice for placing less of a burden on the Earth. Includes a simple self-initiation ritual for starting on the Druid path, as well as exercises to help you tap into the elements and learn to pay attention to the natural world.” Learn more…

22) The Book of Hedge Druidry: A Complete Guide for the Solitary Seeker

by Joanna van der Hoeven

Per the publisher: “Longtime Druid Joanna van der Hoeven guides you in creating an altar and crafting rituals based on the Wheel of the Year and important life passages. You will discover enchanting moon rites and ideas for daily practice as well as insights for working with herbs, spells, and the ogham alphabet. When you step onto the Hedge Druid’s path, you learn to work with the in-betweeen places, straddling the boundary between this world and the next and developing profound relationships with ancestors, goddesses, gods, spirits of place, and the Fair Folk.” Learn more…

23) Celtic Magic: Unlocking Druidry, Earth Magick, Irish Shamanism, Tree Magic, and Scottish Paganism

by Mari Silva

Per the publisher: “Discover the amazing world of Celtic magic and traditions. Have you always been fascinated by Celtic culture and would like to know more about the Irish and Scottish pagan traditions? Do you want to learn more about Earth magick and Druidry? Perhaps you have a Celtic ancestral root you’d like to explore a bit more? If the answer to these questions is yes, you are in luck. This book will teach you everything you need to know about Celtic magic and much more.” Learn more…

24) The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth

by John Michael Greer

Per the publisher: “The classic guide to living a spiritual life rooted in Celtic antiquity and revived to meet the challenges of contemporary life. Druidry offers people a path of harmony through reconnection with the green Earth. The Druidry Handbook is the first hands-on manual of traditional British druid practice that explores the Sun Path of seasonal celebration, the Moon Path of meditation, and the Earth Path of living in harmony with nature as tools for crafting an Earth-honoring life here and now. From ritual and meditation to nature awareness and ecological action, John Michael Greer opens the door to a spirituality rooted in the living Earth.” Learn more…

25) The Druid Magic Handbook: Ritual Magic Rooted in the Living Earth

by John Michael Greer

Per the publisher: “The first and only Druidic book of spells, rituals, and practice. The Druid Magic Handbook is the first manual of magical practice in Druidry, one of the fastest growing branches of the Pagan movement. The book breaks new ground, teaching Druids how to practice ritual magic for practical and spiritual goals within their own tradition. What sets The Druid Magic Handbook apart is that it does not require the reader to use a particular pantheon or set of symbols. Although it presents one drawn from Welsh Druid tradition, it also shows the reader how to adapt rites and other practices to fit the deities and symbols most meaningful to them. This cutting edge system of ritual magic can be used by Druids, Pagans, Christians, and Thelemites alike!” Learn more…

26) The Awen Alone: Walking the Path of the Solitary Druid (Pagan Portals)

by Joanna van der Hoeven

Per the publisher: “Druidry is a wonderful, spiritually fulfilling life path. Through the magic that is Druidry, we build deep and abiding relationships with the natural world around us, and through our connection to the natural environment we walk a path of truth, honour and service. We aim to immerse ourselves in the present moment, in the present environment, in order to share in the blessing that is the cycle of life. Throughout the ages, people have withdrawn from the world in order to connect more fully with it. This book is an introductory guide for those who wish to walk the Druid path alone, for however long a time. It is about exploration and connection with the natural world, and finding our place within it.” Learn more…

27) A Druid’s Herbal of Sacred Tree Medicine

by Ellen Evert Hopman

Per the publisher: “Combining her extensive herbal knowledge and keen poetic insight, Ellen Evert Hopman delves deeply into the historic allusions and associations of each of the 20 letters of the Ogham Tree Alphabet. She also examines Native American healing methods for possible clues to the way ancient Europeans may have used these trees as healing agents. Druidic spiritual practices, herbal healing remedies, and plant lore are included for each tree in the alphabet as well as how each is used in traditional rituals such as the Celtic Fire Festivals and other celebrations. Hopman also includes a pronunciation guide for the oghams and information on the divinatory meanings associated with each tree.” Learn more…

28) The 21 Lessons of Merlyn: A Study in Druid Magic and Lore

by Douglas Monroe

Per the publisher: “For those with an inner drive to touch genuine Druidism―or who feel that the lore of King Arthur touches them personally―The 21 Lessons of Merlyn will come as an engrossing adventure and psychological journey into history and magic. This is a complete introductory course in Celtic Druidism, packaged within the framework of 21 authentic and expanded folk story / lessons that read like a novel.” Learn more…

29) The Book of Pheryllt: A Complete Druid Source Book

by Joshua Free

Per the publisher: “For decades the public has sought access to teachings based on the famous and rare never-before-published 16th-century Welsh manuscript entitled The Book of Pheryllt, and now what the world has been waiting for has arrived! Come drink deeply from the wisdom of authentic Celtic Druidism brewed at the Cauldron of Awen, wherein lies unknown depths and heights of true mystic initiation. Travel far along hidden wooded paths of the Enchanted Forest—using The Book of Pheryllt as your guide—and discover the ancient storehouse of Nature’s Mysteries from the original Druidic database of universal knowledge.” Learn more…

30) Celtic Spirituality: An Introduction to the Sacred Wisdom of the Celts

by Philip Freeman

Per the publisher: “Translated from their original languages―Gaulish, Latin, Irish, and Welsh―the passages and stories in Celtic Spirituality are true artifacts of the Celts’ vibrant and varied religion from both the pre-Christian and early Christian period. From a ritual of magical inspiration to stories of the ancient gods and adventures of long-forgotten heroes, Freeman has unearthed a stunning collection of Celtic work. The translation is accessible to the modern reader, but maintains the beauty and vibrancy of the original. Celtic Spirituality includes material that has never been translated before, offering a new glimpse into the wisdom and wild magic of the Celts.” Learn more…

31) Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

by John O’Donohue

Per the publisher: “John O’Donohue, poet, philosopher, and scholar, guides you through the spiritual landscape of the Irish imagination. In Anam Cara, Gaelic for “soul friend,” the ancient teachings, stories, and blessings of Celtic wisdom provide such profound insights on the universal themes of friendship, solitude, love, and death as: Light is generous; The human heart is never completely born; Love as ancient recognition; The body is the angel of the soul; Solitude is luminous; Beauty likes neglected places; The passionate heart never ages; To be natural is to be holy; Silence is the sister of the divine; Death as an invitation to freedom.” Learn more…

32) Celtic Tree Magic: Ogham Lore and Druid Mysteries

by Danu Forest

Per the publisher: “Explore the powerful magic of the twenty-five trees in the ogham tradition. Enrich your spiritual practice with authentic Celtic wisdom and practical techniques. Written by a Druid witch and Celtic shaman, Celtic Tree Magic shows you how to: Practice ogham divination, charms, and spells. Work with each tree’s magical correspondences and healing attributes. Make salves, tinctures, ointments, and green crafts. Find tree spirit allies in nature and the otherworld. Fashion wands and other magical tools. With exercises, hands-on tips, and an accessible exploration of folklore and myth, this lovely and lyrical handbook provides practical skills and deeper understandings for beginners and intermediate practitioners.” Learn more…

33) Druids and Druidism

by T. D. Kendrick

Per the publisher: “Still regarded with affection in the popular imagination, the Druids, at the height of their power in Celtic Britain, were known for their love of nature and worshipping heros and ancestors. Signs of their renown are still clearly marked: in guidebooks, place-names of the countryside, and most visibly, in such structures as Stonehenge. T. D. Kendrick — widely cited in many studies of druids and druidism — presents a well-documented summary of druidic culture, offering a detailed account of the racial history, prehistory, and social atmosphere of early Gallic and British civilization.” Learn more…

34) World Druidry: A Globalizing Path of Nature Spirituality

by Larisa A White

Per the publisher: “What does it mean to be a Druid, circa 2020 c.e.? What do modern-day Druids believe? What are their religious practices? How does Druidry vary with geography? How has Druidry evolved over time? What defines it as a religious tradition? In the past, the answers to these questions have, of necessity, taken the form of educated guesses based on limited data, often biased by ease-of-contact, or Druidry group affiliation. The World Druidry Survey of 2018-2020 was the first, large-scale global effort to collect, interpret, and learn from the stories of all the practicing Druids of the world.” Learn more…

35) The Druid’s Handbook: Ancient Magick for a New Age

by Joshua Free

Per the publisher: “Providing a new vision with unparalleled clarity for modern Druidry, world renown occultist and mystic, Joshua Free explores the magic and deep teachings of Druidic Lore, including core doctrines and codes, triad teachings of the Bards, natural philosophy, the construction of ritual tools and performance of ceremonial magic involving the elements, trees and forces of Nature–all of which is presented in honor of the true spirit of authentic Druidism. Whether you are new to Druidry or simply looking to refresh your own practices, this concise, expertly written and beautifully presented guide to the ancient mysteries is sure to reenchant your everyday life with the Wisdom of the Druids.” Learn more…

36) Secrets of the Druids: From Indo-European Origins to Modern Practices

by Teresa Cross

Per the publisher: “Drawing on comparative mythology and linguistics, archaeological evidence, and etymology, Teresa Cross offers readers a comprehensive course in the history and development of the Celtic spiritual tradition and its lore, reconstructing the Druidic faith from the remnants that have survived and dedicated study of scholarly sources. She also reveals parallels with other Indo-European traditions, such as the similarities between Celtic and Vedic Hindu beliefs and practices. She chronicles the ethics and spiritual teachings of Druidism and the Celtic faith and examines what happened to these beliefs during centuries of Christianization.” Learn more…

37) Irish Paganism: Unlocking Pagan Practices and Druidry in Ireland along with Welsh Witchcraft and Celtic Spirituality

by Mari Silva

Per the publisher: “Explore the pagan practices and Druidry in Irish culture and history. Are you curious to discover more about Irish Paganism? Would you like to learn more about Druids and who they are? Are you interested in learning about different pagan spells and rituals? This book primarily focuses on the history and legacy of the Pagan belief system. It discusses how this system was practiced in Ireland and Wales and outlines the Druids’ role in the faith. It also informs the reader about the key deities, tales, and myths in understanding the role of Paganism in Celtic and Welsh history.” Learn more…

38) Druid Power: Celtic Faerie Craft & Elemental Magic

by Amber Wolfe

Per the publisher: “Call forth dragons and feel the ancient songs of the Celts stirring in your blood. Access the deep wisdom of the Druidic orders and reclaim the Elemental gifts of the Otherworld. Become a spiritual warrior of the Celtic Craft―a Dragon-Rider. The dragon is a symbolic representation of the alchemist’s or magician’s works of power. Druid Power presents techniques for self-transformation through Celtic faerie craft and Elemental magic. Rich with mythological information and psychological insight, this innovative guide bridges ancient Celtic Druidic Tradition with modern transpersonal psychology.” Learn more…

39) Zen Druidry: Living a Natural Life, With Full Awareness (Pagan Portals)

by Joanna van der Hoeven

Per the publisher: “Taking both Zen and Druidry and embracing them into your life can be a wonderful and ongoing process of discovery, not only of the self but of the entire world around you. Looking at ourselves and at the natural world around us, we realise that everything is in constant change and flux – like waves on the ocean, they are all part of one thing that is made up of everything. Even after the wave has crashed upon the shore, the ocean is still there, the wave is still there – it has merely changed its form. The aim of this text is to show how Zen teachings and Druidry can combine to create a peaceful life path that is completely and utterly dedicated to the here and now, to the earth and her rhythms, and to the flow that is life itself.” Learn more…

40) Irish Paganism: Reconstructing Irish Polytheism (Pagan Portals)

by Morgan Daimler

Per the publisher: “Irish Reconstructionist Polytheism is an often misunderstood path, but it is one with great richness and depth for those who follow it. This short introductory book touches on the basic beliefs and practices of Irish Polytheism as well as other important topics for people interested in practicing the religion using a Reconstructionist methodology or who would just like to know more about it. Explore the cosmology of the ancient Irish and learn how the old mythology and living culture show us the Gods and spirits of Ireland and how to connect to them. Ritual structure is explored, as well as daily practices and holidays, to create a path that brings the old beliefs forward into the modern world.” Learn more…

41) Contemplative Druidry: People Practice and Potential

by James Nichol

Per the publisher: “Contemplative Druidry is an evolving aspect of modern Druidry. Rather than talking in purely abstract terms, this book focuses first on the experience of people practicing contemplative Druidry now. Only then does it look at the bigger picture and draw conclusions for the developing spirituality of modern Druidry as a whole. ‘Contemplative Druidry’ takes the five months of March-July 2014, and offers a snapshot of how 15 practitioners of Druidry in England today understand and practice contemplative Druidry, and why they value it. Responding to a set of questions either in live interviews or through written responses, they describe both what contemplative Druidry means to them personally, and how they see it fitting in to the context of Druidry as a modern pagan spirituality.” Learn more…

42) Druid Magic: The Practice of Celtic Wisdom

by Maya Magee Sutton

Per the publisher: “Perhaps the most mystical, magical people ever known were the Druids. They were wizards, storytellers, teachers and spiritual leaders. They were attuned to the Earth and the Sun. And they were very powerful. Druid Magick presents everything you need to know to become a Druid and even start your own Druid “Grove” (the name of a Druid group). Learn about the Druid’s tools―the sickle, wand, cord, and more―and how to make and use them. Discover all of the beliefs the Druids hold, including the emphasis on honor and ethics.” Learn more…

43) The Modern-Day Druidess

by Cassandra Eason

Per the publisher: “Connect with the astonishing powers of Nature with this spiritual tradition dating back thousands of years that offers today’s woman a gentle loving formula for living happily and well.” Learn more…

44) The Mysteries of Druidry: Celtic Mysticism, Theory, and Practice

by Brendan Cathbad Myers

Per the publisher: “The Druids were the mystics, philosophers, and magicians of the ancient Celtic world. Their spirituality was borne from their near-worship of poetry and music, their warrior prowess, and the world of nature. The Mysteries of Druidry reveals this mystical romanticism as it was in ancient times, and shows various ways to bring it to life today. It includes: A professionally researched survey of Druidic history, tradition, and customs; Detailed descriptions of the mysteries of Celtic spirituality, including the Sacred Truth, the Great Marriage, the Hero’s Journey, and the Otherworld; Practical guidance for meditation and ceremony, for individuals and for groups; The Celtic story of the creation of the world, presented together with a plan for re-enacting the story in ritual.” Learn more…

45) DruidCraft: The Magic of Wicca & Druidry

by Philip Carr-Gomm

Per the publisher: “Druidry and Wicca are the two great streams of Western Pagan tradition. Both traditions are experiencing a renaissance all over the world, as more and more people seek a spirituality rooted in a love of nature and the land.Increasingly, readers are combining the ideas of both traditions to craft their own spiritual practice. In this down-to-earth, inspiring guide, Philip Carr-Gomm offers a name for this Path that draws on the common beliefs and practices of Wicca and Druidry: DruidCraft. DruidCraft draws on the traditions of scholarship, storytelling, magical craft and seasonal celebration of both the Craft and Druidry to offer inspiration, teachings, rituals, and magical techniques that can help you access your innate powers of creativity, intuition and healing.” Learn more…

46) Our Own Druidry

by Ar nDraiocht Fein

Per the publisher: “A basic instruction for ADF’s basic spiritual practice, the Druid’s Path, and for our introductory Dedicant’s Program.” Learn more…

47) The Book of Druidry

by Ross Nichols

Per the publisher: “A comprehensive study of the Druids, from their earliest history to the present-day renaissance.” Learn more…

48) Druidry and the Ancestors: Finding our place in our own history

by Nimue Brown

Per the publisher: “Ancestors are part of our shared humanity, we all have them. Ancestry in the guise of race, has been used as a tool to divide. Even so, it might yet help us move in greater harmony. Are we playing out the motifs of our family history, or making our own lives? Are we held back by the past, or empowered by it? And why does any of this matter? Druidry and the Ancestors will take you on a journey into how you imagine yourself, and how you can take control of your identity and future. Druid, author, bard and dreamer. Nimue Brown is OBOD trained, a founding member of Bards of The Lost Forest and Druid Network member.” Learn more…

49) Natural Druidry

by Kristoffer Hughes

Per the publisher: “Share in a world of wondrous beings, of sheer potentiality beyond comprehension, and the awe and childlike surrender one feels when confronted with the enchantment of Druidry.” Learn more…

50) Living Druidry

by Emma Restall Orr

Per the publisher: “Grounded in everyday life and experience this book guides the reader to find their own vision, and their own deep, personal, ecstatic relationship with nature. You will learn about: The fundamental principles underlying Druidry; The relevance of Druidry and nature spirituality today; The powers of nature that resonate within the individual; Understanding and accepting yourself; How to bring a profound spiritual experience into your everyday life; Simple ways to acknowledge and embrace the wild side of your nature.” Learn more…

P.S. More the listenin’ type?

For a limited time you can use this link to get 3 free months of Audible Premium Plus. If you want to learn more about modern druidry/druidism, I recommend the audiobook The Path of Druidry: Walking the Ancient Green Way by Penny Billington (narrated by Jennifer M. Dixon).

Want to learn about the darker side of Irish mythology? Check out…

Samhain in Your Pocket (Celtic Pocket Guides 2)

Perhaps the most important holiday on the ancient Celtic calendar, Samhain marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new pastoral year. It is a liminal time—a time when the forces of light and darkness, warmth and cold, growth and blight, are in conflict. A time when the barrier between the land of the living and the land of the dead is at its thinnest. A time when all manner of spirits and demons are wont to cross over from the Celtic Otherworld. Learn more…

Neon Druid: An Anthology of Urban Celtic Fantasy

“A thrilling romp through pubs, mythology, and alleyways. NEON DRUID is such a fun, pulpy anthology of stories that embody Celtic fantasy and myth,” (Pyles of Books). Cross over into a world where the mischievous gods, goddesses, monsters, and heroes of Celtic mythology live among us, intermingling with unsuspecting mortals and stirring up mayhem in cities and towns on both sides of the Atlantic, from Limerick and Edinburgh to Montreal and Boston. Learn more…

2 thoughts on “The 50 Best Books About Druidism and Druidic Practices

  1. I had a copy of DJ Conway’s “Oak, Ash and Thorn….” And gave it away as I couldn’t get on with it, especially as the word “Shaman” is not only inaccurate, but was used in almost every paragraph. But hey, it might work for someone else.


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