Who Is Balor of the Evil Eye? A Brief Biography of Irish Mythology’s ‘Big Bad’

As the leader of the marauding, murderous Fomorians, Balor of the Evil Eye is perhaps the most menacing villain in all of Irish mythology. (Wait, did I mention he can kill people just by looking at them?)

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I Just Published a New Book About Samhain. Want a Free Copy?

Book 2 of the Celtic Pocket Guides series is here! Grab your copy of Samhain in Your Pocket: A Tiny Little Book About the Celtic Origins of Halloween

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Do Irish myths feature dragons and other mountain-sized monsters? Here are 5 contenders for Irish mythology’s biggest baddie: the oillpheist, the Cata, the Muirdris (a.k.a. Sinach), Ellén Trechend, and Aillén.

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What Is Samhain? (Definition and Etymology)

What in the Halloween is the definition of Samhain? Where did the word come from? And why did the ancient Celts decide to celebrate Samhain on the 31st night of October?