Casting the Celtic Gods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Part II: Heroes, Monsters, and Druids Who Deserve the Spotlight

In Part I, we cast the core team of Celtic gods from the comics; in Part II, we highlight 11 more mythological Celtic characters who deserve spots in the MCU.

Casting the Celtic Gods in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Part I: The Core Team From the Comics

My picks for which Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, and French actors and actresses should play the core team of Celtic gods (a.k.a. the “Tuatha de Danaan” on the big screen

The Search for the Celtic Themyscira: Was There Really an Island of Celtic Warrior Women?

Classical writers regale us with eyebrow-raising tales of wild, island-bound Celtic women. But are any of them true?

This Is How Thor: Love and Thunder Will Introduce the Celtic Gods into the MCU [Theory]

In the new Thor movie, a powerful villain, Gorr, goes on a god-killing rampage. Will the Celtic gods be recruited to help defeat him?

I Just Published a New Book About Irish Mythology. Want a Free Copy?

Introducing Book One of the Celtic Pocket Guides Series, Irish Myths in Your Pocket: A Tiny Little Book About Irish Legends, Folklore, & Fairytales for Impressing Friends & Family on St. Patrick’s Day and Other Special Occasions

Who Were the Druids? Demystifying the Mystics of the Ancient Celtic World

Druid is a title that gets bandied about with the reckless abandon of an inebriated bard. Let’s separate druid history from druid mythology, shall we?

The Nicest People I’ve Ever Met: A St. Patrick’s Day Reflection on Being Stranded in Rosses Point, County Sligo

The following tale of ancestry tourism is true as I remember it, but as you’ll discover, my time in Rosses Point left my brain a little fuzzy.