Differences Between Irish and Celtic Mythology

No, they’re not the same thing. But Irish mythology and Celtic mythology are related—uncovering how may reveal even bigger truths about these two storytelling traditions.

Whom Do Banshees Visit? Visitation Rites of the Banshee [Video]

Whom do banshees visit? Which families do they haunt? Turns out Irish folklore severely limits which households banshees can hover over and howl by.

Physical and Sonic Characteristics of the Banshee [Video]

What do banshees look like? What do banshees sound like? While pop culture interpretations of the banshee typically paint her as a grotesque, shrieking she-demon, Irish folklore tells a much more nuanced story.

The Definition and Etymology of Banshee [Video]

You are likely already familiar with Ireland’s most infamous shrieking spirit. But what exactly is a banshee? Is it a ghost? A spirit? A wraith? A demon? A fairy? In a word, yes. The banshee is all of those things, and so much more.

Who Were Ireland’s First Inhabitants?

Pop culture tells us that Ireland was always teeming with ancient Celts. But archaeology, and even Irish mythology, tell different stories about Ireland’s prehistoric inhabitants.

They Might Be Giants: 10 Colossal Celts of Irish Myth & Legend

It’s a tall tale as old as time: warrior and the giant. But who are the most famous giants from Irish mythology? And are they *really* giants, or wizards in disguise?

Here Be Dragons: 5 Kaiju-Sized Monsters From Irish Mythology

Do Irish myths feature dragons and other mountain-sized monsters? Here are 5 contenders for Irish mythology’s biggest baddie: the oillpheist, the Cata, the Muirdris (a.k.a. Sinach), Ellén Trechend, and Aillén.